Peter McMahon

Peter is the founder of Affiniti Digital. He has held senior executive digital and marketing positions with some of Australia’s leading brands – including Tatts Group, Emitch, State Library Victoria, Chisholm group of TAFES and Monash University. Over a senior digital career spanning nearly two decades, he has been at the heart of the growth of digital. He enjoys demystifying digital and helping others make sense of the constantly changing digital landscape.

The lonely life of the Digital Transitional executive


They say it’s tough at the top. For a particular group of executives – the executive digital transitional – the rapidly evolving digital landscape is making life especially isolating and increasingly uncertain. As the noise around digital transformation increases, the corporate digital fluency of CEOs, senior executives and even board members is coming under greater …

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What is an executive digital transitional?


Caught on the cusp of the industrial and digital economies, the executive digital transitional is a unique executive group of a type not seen since the industrial revolution. The notion of the digital transitional has been a part of the customer landscape since the early 2000’s but the term typically describes consumers and is used …

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Cambridge Analytica & Facebook expose our naivety


As each day passes, the Cambridge Analytica data “incident” shows us as much about ourselves as it does about Facebook. While the media focus has been largely upon the relationship between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, it has exposed something far more telling – about the relationship we think we have with our preferred platforms and …

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What is digital? A practical guide to the digital landscape


What is digital? Explaining digital as a concept can be difficult – especially since there is an entire sector seemingly dedicated to making it seem exceptionally complex. Also, the definition of digital is often kept intentionally woolly by those that benefit from the ensuing ambiguity. However, it is well worth taking the time to understand …

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