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Digital Content Strategy Development and Content Production

Do you know why you are creating content for web and social? Is your content production sustainable and supported by a solid digital content strategy?

Online content marketing is rapidly emerging as an efficient way to intercept potential prospects at the research stage of their journey, establish your brand as an authority, and lead prospects to you before they engage with your competitors.

Driven by a clear and consistent digital content strategy, well-crafted content has the power to separate your brand from the pack and create ongoing loyalty well after the initial purchase.

A clear digital content strategy and genuine, quality content is pivotal to the success of a content-driven approach.

To bring digital strategy, content strategy and content production together, Affiniti Digital has joined forces with our friends at Media Giants. Possibly Australia’s first dedicated content strategy and creation house, the Media Giants team has been creating great content since before “online content” was even a thing. Their content strategies and quality content have fuelled the fabulous online experiences that audiences have come to expect from iconic Australian brands such as Telstra, AFL and RACV. 

Combining the skills of Affiniti Digital and Media Giants brings together more than 40 years of experience in the digital content strategy, online strategy and content production space. This experience ensures that our clients understand why and how their content is bring produced, and have the confidence to know that the quality content they put into the market is adding real value to their audiences and their brand. 

Our digital content strategies drive interest, draw potential customers to your brand, and maintain valuable relationships. Our quality content is tuned to the needs and pain points of your customers. Maximise your investment in your website and online content with digital content strategy and production that is inspired, creative and engaging. 

Our Services

  • Digital content strategy development
  • Inbound marketing strategy development and management
  • Professionally written long and short-form articles for websites, blogs, etc
  • podcast production
  • video and vodcast production
  • 360 video
  • Drone footage

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