executive digital coaching and digital advisory

Affiniti Digital provides personalised, plain-english executive digital mentoring programs, executive digital coaching and digital advisory services for CEOs, board members and senior executives.

Develop your corporate digital understanding quickly and discreetly. Gain the insights you need to understand where your business stands, and build the working digital knowledge you need to guide your business with confidence.  

Our CEO digital mentoring services are personal, empathetic, and confidential. Designed to level the playing field, we help you add executive digital fluency to your already formidable collection of skills and experience. We design each individual mentoring program to give you the foundation knowledge you need to speak with confidence, and the understanding of the issues and technologies that are important to you right now. 

Our difference lies in our heritageWe are seasoned executives who have worked at senior levels in business and digital. We draw on practical experience running large marketing, digital and IT teams at executive levels to help you see through the smoke. We speak IT, marketing and digital, and can translate key technologies and concepts back to sensible business benefits. Our digital health checks and reviews provide an impartial insight into the real condition of your digital enterprise and give you the insights you need to move forward. 

Some of our services

Executive Digital Mentoring

We conduct tailored, discrete, one-on-one Executive digital mentoring programs for CEOs, board members and senior executives.
Each program is designed for the individual, and is tuned to your specific needs. We explain digital technology and trends in business terms, remove the mystique and help you build your digital confidence - in a safe, confidential environment. More...

Digital Health Checks

We work with you and your staff to develop a constructive, impartial health check of your company’s digital activities. Our health checks can span the business of focus on key operational and marketing areas. We provide an impartial, actionable snapshot of where your key digital activities currently stand and where they can go to drive greater value. More...

marketing system integration assistance
System Integration

We create a bridge between marketing, technology and digital teams to ease the implementation of marketing, CMS and CRM systems.
We help translate marketing requirements into technical speak, explain technical constraints in marketing terms, and protect the customer experience remains paramount when compromise is required. More...

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We can help

No matter how non-digital or non-technical you might think you are, we can help. We can provide mentoring ranging from foundation knowledge to emerging technologies.

Call us to arrange an informal, confidential chat. We can explain more about what we do and explore how we might be able to be of service. There is no obligation and it may be just the thing you need to build the confidence and knowledge you need.