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Executive Digital Mentoring

We provide confidential, objective and empathetic one-to-one executive digital mentoring services – matched to your individual needs and in plain business terms. Our bespoke services are designed to match the situation of each individual executive to give you the digital  understanding and  expertise you need to lead your business into the digital economy. 

We create and deliver personalised, highly relevant  digital executive coaching for CEOs, board members and individual senior executives.

Our services are delivered by seasoned executives who have worked at senior levels in business and digital since the late 1990’s. We explain digital technology and trends in plain English, draw back the veil of mystery that the digital industry has constructed around itself, and explain how everything fits together in your language.

We give you the help you need to build your corporate digital fluency, understand the critical issues facing your business and know the right questions to ask.  Our executive digital mentoring services equip you with the knowledge you need to position your company for the future.

Why engage an executive digital mentor?

  • According to MIT Sloan, 90% of senior execs say their industry will be disrupted by digital in some form – but only 44% say that they are adequately preparing for the disruptions to come. McKinsey say that digital disruption is set to dethrone four in ten sector leaders in the next five years.
  • Disruption is now a term that is bandied about indiscriminately by the media. The resulting pressure on CEOs and senior executives to understand digital concepts and recognise digital opportunities across the business is massive.
  • Expectations by board and staff are placing increasing pressure upon CEOs to become a more active architect of their company’s digital  direction
  • The need for digital transformation (partly as insulation to broader disruption) requires a higher level of
  • than has been required in the past.
  • Many CEOs report that they do not have a trusted, impartial resource to help them
  • Many also acknowledge a growing need for a resource to help them ask the right questions and fill in any gaps in their understanding in clear, sensible business language. 

That’s where we fit in

With extensive experience across multiple sectors and on both sides of the digital divide, Affiniti Digital helps CEOs and senior executives separate fact from fad, develop their corporate digital fluency, and develop the knowledge they need to recognise practical digital opportunities across their enterprise.

Who is executive digital mentoring for?

  • CEOs and Executives of large enterprise who feel that they are not as familiar with the digital space as they could or should be
  • Owners and executives of medium and family-owned enterprises who sense that they need a greater level of digital fluency than they can develop by themselves
  • Fast growing digital enterprises that could use practical management help from someone who understands business best-practice as well as the unique challenges of agile digital businesses  

Our services

  • One-on-one executive digital mentoring 
  • Closed-door, plain English executive digital coaching for CEOs and individual board members
  • Confidential advisory and review services to boards and CEOs

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