Marketing system implementation assistance

Marketing System Implementations

We help streamline the communications process and help you implement systems your teams will really want to use. 

We bridge the gap between marketing, technology and digital teams and ensure that the customer experience stays top-of-mind. 

Working with your internal and external marketing system implementation teams, we help translate marketing requirements for marketing systems ( Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, etc) into technical speak, explain technical constraints in marketing terms, and help marketing and IT teams develop a shared understanding of the critical customer experiences these systems are crafting.

As businesses strive to deliver more personalised experiences to their prospects and customers, the systems designed to manage these customer relationships are becoming a weapon of choice across businesses of all sizes. 

The introduction of a new customer management or marketing system comes with its own unique challenges. The power and complexity of larger systems means requires a different level of collaboration between your marketing and technology teams. The deeper level of communication required to make this work often comes with new frictions. 

The motivations of the technology implementation teams and those of the marketing teams charged with using the final product are easily and swiftly knocked out of alignment. Poor understandings between teams can be agonising for all participants and result in costly mistakes and a painful loss of goodwill. The resulting product can fall disappointingly short of its full potential.

We ease the friction and improve communication and outcomes by providing a communications bridge between marketing and technology teams. 

An ongoing common understanding between teams can make a critical in marketing technology implementations. We take the sting out of the process by translating marketing requirements (and the motivations behind them) in a way that aligns with how technology teams think. We provide that middle ground – helping translate requirements and responses in both directions and ensuring that the customer experience remains in sharp focus for all contributing parties.

Our Services include…

  • Requirements identification
  • Translation of marketing requirements into technical terms (and back again)
  • System research and shortlisting
  • Ongoing team liaison that leads to shared ownership and pride in new marketing, CRM and CMS system implementations.e

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