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About Affiniti Digital

Affiniti Digital is a Melbourne-based independent digital advisory service. We provide confidential, impartial, plain-language digital advice for senior executives. Our executive digital mentoring helps senior executives navigate the digital landscape. Our health checks help businesses check and improve their digital performance.

Our mission

We believe that long-standing senior management experience and digital understanding are not, and should not be considered mutually exclusive. Now more than ever, we need to leverage the expertise and experience of our leaders. Our mission is to ensure that business retains the vision and wisdom of our senior leaders and to provide assistance to those leaders who feel overwhelmed. Our aim is to help our leaders catch up and gain the digital knowledge they need to lead their enterprises into the digital economy. We are here to level the playing field, remove the mystique and age-related myths around digital, and give non-digital CEOs, board members and senior executives the skills and independent advice they need to speak and lead with confidence in the digital realm.

What makes us different

We have our heritage in mainstream business but have also held senior digital roles for large private and public entities. This means that we understand tech, marketing and digital. More importantly, we understand business – and bring the key principles back to sensible business language. We have worked with CEOs and boards in a range of capacities and understand the pressures, issues and agendas that senior executives are likely to face from peers, staff, boards and vendors. Most importantly, we know how to see through the smoke to identify and explain the critical digital issues for your business.

Our background

Our experience includes more than 25 years in media, marketing and management – with 18 years of that in the digital arena. We have worked in multiple public and private sectors, working with or for leading brands including Tatts Group, Telstra, State Library Victoria, Monash University, Oris and Australian Education Union. As a result, we understand the complexities of working in government, the arts, and the higher education sectors. Our content strategy and production services draw on the skills and expertise of some of Australia’s most experienced and talented content strategists, writers and producers.

Where we add value

Critically, we don’t talk tech – we translate digital concepts back into plain-language digital advice for senior executives and provide private mentoring services for CEOs. To ensure our impartiality, we are not affiliated with any agency, media buying group or technology vendor.  Our goal is to provide the reliable guidance and resources that you and your business needs – to build your digital confidence, understand and recognise the opportunities available to you, and thrive in the digital economy.

Digital Health Checks

Gain a constructive, future-facing and objective snapshot of your company’s digital activities.

marketing system integration assistance
System Integration

Help your marketing, technology and digital teams implement the best possible marketing system outcome.

Online user experience reviews

Understand and improve the way your customers engage with your brand online

Speaking and training

We provide keynotes, conference presentations, and small group training

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