Executive digital coaching and digital advisory

Build confidence quickly and confidentially

Affiniti Digital provides executive digital coaching and digital advisory services for CEOs and senior executives.

We help you regain your edge, develop your digital understanding quickly and understand the digital state of your business. We provide impartial strategic advice, and easy access to the core services you need to move forward. Our executive digital coaching is personalised and discreet.

Our Services

Executive Digital Coaching

We conduct tailored, discrete, one-on-one and small-group coaching programs for CEOs and senior executives. Our sessions are tuned to the specific interests of each group and individual. We explain digital technology and trends in business terms and plain English, remove the mystique, and help you build your digital knowledge and confidence in a safe, confidential environment.

Digital Health Checks

We work with you, your digital staff and key stakeholders to create a constructive health check of your company’s digital activities. Our checks provide an impartial snapshot of where your key digital activities stand – and where they could go. Ranging from customer acquisition and retention, to internal systems and service/product delivery, we identify areas of current best practice, opportunities for further development, and new opportunities for growth.

marketing system integration assistance
System Integration

We create a bridge between marketing, technology and digital teams to ease the implementation of marketing, CMS and CRM systems. We help translate marketing requirements into technical speak, explain technical constraints in marketing terms, and protect the customer experience remains paramount when compromise is required.

Online user experience reviews

Our user experience reviews bring more than 20 year’s experience - along with our successes and our previous mistakes – to the review of the online brand experience you provide to your customers. We review content popularity, structure and the way that users engage with your online presence.

Content strategy & production

Content is the lifeblood of digital business. It supports relationships, provides tangible value for customers and supports your brand. We draw on Australia’s veteran online content creators to help you develop the strategy and inspiring content your customers deserve. Then we help bring it to life.

Speaking and training

We provide keynotes, conference presentations, idea session facilitation and small group training

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